What does Floyd Mayweather have to do for everyone to stop hating?? He PUNISHED Mosley last night, it wasn’t even close!!! He did to Mosley what he does to everyone, make them look terrible!! Once again Floyd proved his skills are unmatched, he even took one hell of a right hand from Mosley and stayed on his feet. Everyone is always like Floyd can’t take a punch, well he took that one last night on his way to delivering several more to Mosley. I hate doing this, but let’s look at the punches landed to punches thrown. I try to tell everyone that Floyd is soooo nice he barely gets touched and makes boxing look way too easy!! Floyd landed 208 of 477 compared to Mosley’s 92 of 452. I’m not the greatest at math but someone not named Mayweather got pounded!!! I told many people last week that I wasn’t even excited because the outcome was already guaranteed, if they had fought maybe 5 years ago than I would have had faith in it being an even fight. If not even at least I would have honestly given Mosley a puncher’s chance, you can’t hit what you cant see. Not only that, Floyd showed the haters something new last night by being the aggressor. Most of his critics say all he does is run, well last night it looked like Mosley was running or at least trying to run out of the way of the bombs being landed routinely by Mayweather. I am part of the crowd that believes that boxing is an art and Floyd is a painter out of the old days. I would have loved to see how he would have done maybe 15 to 20 years ago when boxing was boxing and not all about the all mighty “knockout.” It’s a shame to watch someone so dominant at their sport be unappreciated by fans that may not quite understand it or get blinded by their personal dislike. Skill is skill and Floyd’s is on another level. Unfortunately I don’t think people are going to appreciate his talent until he’s gone and done, like maybe years later even. After last night’s fight does your opinion of Mayweather change or remain the same???

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  1. we are so on the same page with this. I have always been a mayweather fan & have maybe become more of a fan b/c of the fact people hate on him b/c they dont know what they are watching. I also note that a majority of the people still hating.. DIDNT even watch saturday night. everyone yesterday were either.. "oh I heard he got caught in that second round and "almost" went down, or the "did he fight that boring blocking shit". Sure i can see how the way he fought his last few fights was boring, but he def flipped the switch saturday night when he needed to. I do think it took Mosley catchin him in that second round to make him realize he needed to actually throw more punches. Hopefully he and pac-man can work shit out, because that fight will make people realize how good Money really is.

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