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Is it me or should LA not be too proud to have beaten the Thunder in 6 games? Is it me or did LA look every bit the part of an incohesive team preparing for a title defense? Is it me or does Kobe look like he went even further back into the “my teammates can’t be trusted” mode and I NEED to do it MYSELF mode? Do the Lakers miss Trevor Ariza, or was the acquisition of Artest 3 or 4 years past Artest’s prime? Sometimes coming off a title defense the best thing to do is nothing, that’s right NOTHING!! Do I think the Lakers with Ariza would have swept the Thunder? Maybe not, but at least it wouldn’t have been this difficult. Ariza was able to stretch the floor with his shooting and his athleticism is needed on the perimeter, especially with an aging Bryant. Ariza was also a veteran of the Triangle, I am very sick of every anyalyst blaming Ron Artest for his inept play by putting it on the “Triangle.” Artest like many before him are a casualty of playing with Bryant, not everyone is made out for that role. Ariza was a perfect compliment to Bryant, much like Pippen to Jordan(by no way am I putting Ariza in the same stratosphere with Pippen’s talent) in the way that his style of play complimented Jordan. He was a classic #2, some are not built to be that and Artest is not one of those guys. Those type of players should be commended, it is not an easy task to be in that role and be extremely effective. The Lakers play the Jazz next, does Kobe dare to defend Deron Williams 1 on 1 for the entire series?

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