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The Lakers are one of the best teams in the league if not THE best teams and I think it’s hilarious that they are getting off track offensively over a zone. I watched Kobe’s post game comments and all he was doing was preaching defense, which is true but at the same time I know he’s not happy during offensive possesions when Odom, Fisher, and Artest are taking contested shots with the shot clock winding down against the zone. The zone is working more against the Laker’s minds than it is on the court, in Games 3 and 4 the Lakers have seen the zone and have started jacking up even more 3’s instead of working the ball inside. We all know they are not a good 3 point shooting team, especially not good enough to hang with the Suns. If the Lakers don’t get back to pounding the ball inside and exploiting their length, LA might not be a lock to represent the West in the Finals. What do you think of this series now that it is tied, did the Suns just get lucky? Or are the Lakers in serious serious trouble??

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