Wade throwing Salt in Chi-Town’s Direction…

So I guess he is no longer the “prodigal son” and he will not be returning home. Wade dropped a bomb today when he was quoted saying “I think the biggest question that you think about has to be loyalty. I know one thing about Miami: It is a very loyal organization. I see what they do with their players when their players get done with the game of basketball . . . how loyal they are. I don’t know about the Bulls.” After that statement I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he will not be a member of the Chicago Bulls and I am even more sure that he will stay with the Heat. I’ve been telling everybody that there is no way in…..that Wade is going to leave Miami for months now I hope this quote has helped my case. I think it’s even funnier that Wade is planning to meet with his fellow Free Agent members (Bosh, James, and Johnson) to discuss where everyone is going. Pat Riley and the Heat Organization have to be the happiest group of people in the NBA, they have arguably the best player in the league and he is going to do their recruiting for them!!! Who doesn’t want to play with Wade??? How do Chicago’s chances of landing James look now after Wade’s not so ringing endorsement???

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