Bulls New Coach(Allegedly)

So the Bulls have their man(allegedly) in Tom Thibadeau. If this turns out to be true, because he is unable to officially accept this job while still coaching in the NBA Finals the Bulls have made a very good hire. I have been waiting to hear this man’s name mentioned as a Head Coach in this League for the past couple off seasons. Everywhere he goes his teams become very good, borderline great defensive teams. Every Celtic player or member of their organization just goes on and on about Thibadeau’s work ethic and his knack for being extra prepared if not over prepared. I am part of the minority that thought Vinny Del Negro didn’t deserve to be fired, but Thibadeau is a better candidate for this job. Unlike Del Negro he inherits a team with the 17th pick in the draft and money to be spent in this Free Agency class. So already he is ahead of the curve in comparison with Del Negro, the Bulls learned that they need a shooting guard and a power forward to go with their building blocks for the future in Rose and Noah. If nothing else, Thibadeau will make the bulls a defensive minded team like they were in their heyday and that is more than enough for me. If and when he is announced the Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls do you think that he is the best man for the job?? Or do you think the Bulls settled by offering Thibadeau the job?

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