Game 1….Lakers-Celtics

So the Lakers came out ready for a fight and Boston did not, the Lakers impressed me last night. Well let me rephrase that Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest impressed me last night!! If the Lakers can control the paint like they did last night, this series might not be the epic battle everyone had in mind. Kobe played a really intelligent game and walked the fine line of great teammate and assassin. He never really forced anything yet he remained aggressive and assertive all while pacing himself so he had the energy to put the Celtics away when the Lakers needed him to. I think the Lakers played a near perfect game last night, yet I don’t think the Celtics could have played any worse and up to a certain point they were still in this game. If the Lakers can come out in Game 2 and repeat this performance than they are on their way to defending their title, Boston needs to wake up and do what they did to get them here!! PLAY DEFENSE like it’s the last possession of their last game they will ever play!!! Boston was atrocious on the boards and even more anemic on offense when they needed it, they really need to step up their play. I don’t think this series is anywhere close to over or that Game 1 is a sign of what is to come for the remainder of this series. Throughout this playoff run the Celtics have put up some real clunkers and last night was no exception. I expect them to settle down and be themselves in Game 2, or else they are going home a lot earlier than they had expected!! After last night’s game do you think the Lakers are going to run away with the series??? Or do you think each team is going to defend it’s home court?? Is it possible for the Celtics to steal a game in LA??

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