Jesus Walks!!

We had a Jesus Shuttlesworth sighting, Ray Allen was on FIRE as the Celtics beat the Lakers in LA tonight to even the series. Rondo didn’t want to be out done as he added another triple-double to his career total with 19 pts, 12 boards, and 10 dimes!! The Celtic’s backcourt carried the team tonight on their way to a win, Allen broke an NBA Record with 8 three pointers in tonight’s game. 8!!! Which led me to thinking, WHO WAS GUARDING RAY ALLEN TONIGHT??? Better yet, who was guarding RONDO tonight?? If the Lakers stick with Fisher on Allen and Bryant on Rondo, they are in for an extremely long series. Either way the Laker’s back court doesn’t match up well with the Celtics on defense. Whether it’s Allen or Rondo, you have to do a lot of running and that’s hard on you. It’s extremely difficult to stay in front of Rajon Rondo, even harder to stay with Ray Allen when he’s running through 800 screens!! The thing that I can’t get over is how do you not try to force Allen to drive, why play the drive and allow arguably the best 3 point shooter in the league’s history to set his feet and fire from deep??? It’s most likely going to go in, if the Lakers don’t adjust defensively they are in trouble!! Who do they have to slow down Allen?? Whoever it is has to be willing to sacrifice their offensive output to chase him all night, they can’t afford to have Kobe chasing him. Yet putting Kobe on Rondo is ridiculous, Rondo isn’t a shooter and it has to be taxing as well to chase him around all night. That kind of effort takes away your legs when it’s time for offense!! Is LA going to figure it out?? Or is the Boston back court going to continue to riddle the Laker’s defense?? The series now shifts to Boston for the next 3 games, did LA blow it by loosing a game at home this early in the series??

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