The Big….Bench????

The NBA Finals is now tied at 2 games a piece and it’s not because of the usual suspects. Boston bounced back and won tonight thanks to an extremely and suprising performance by their suddenly deep bench!! Big Baby, Sheed, the OTHER Allen(Tony), and Nate Robinson carried the Celtics to a Game 4 victory. The Celtics bench outscored the Lakers bench 36-18!! The Celtics best line up was Big Baby, Sheed, Nate, and the 2 Allens. If only the Celtics starters could catch on to the bench’s groove the team would be running on all cylinders. I think the Lakers lost this game because Bynum hardly played, when he has started and played heavy minutes the Lakers are very very very hard to beat because of their size and they occasionally put Odom in with Gasol and Bynum which is just unfair!! Bynum’s knee may become a huge factor in this series, after days of reports saying treatment has been going well and the injury can’t get any worse, Bynum only played 11 minutes last night!! So keep an eye on that as they move on to Game 5 on Sunday night. Now that the series is essentially 0-0 and it is a best of 3 series, which team is going to come out on top?? If Bynum’s injury does get worse, how do the Lakers chances change if any??

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