Why the Wait????

So the world waited for Steven Strasburg’s debut today, he was the #1 overall pick in last year’s draft. His performance was definitely worth the price of admission, the rookie phenom pitched 7 innings, giving up 2 runs, and striking out 14!!!! 14 K’s…that is absurd, other than the one bad pitch that went over the fence for a 2 run homer the guy was lights out!! I had gotten into an interesting debate (argument rather) over what the Nats should do with Strasburg a couple of weeks before the season. The gentleman I was talking with believed that starting Strasburg in the majors would be a mistake because he would struggle and it would ruin his confidence. I politely disagreed believing that if you have someone who is a true “phenom”, you should throw them to the wolves and let them either sink or swim. He has been the best at every level he has been at, so obviously he should be use to the pressure and probably expects much more out of himself than anyone else could. That’s like letting Peyton Manning,LeBron James, or Wayne Rooney wait instead of letting them go and compete. WHY should you keep someone who is on another level or plane away from where they are destined to be. Strasburg DOMINATED the minor leagues, it was almost an insult to his talent level and intelligence to make him play at all. I wish people would just appreciate when some one’s talent is superior than others and not force them to go the way of someone with inferior talent. There are different levels of talent, and the Nats waisted 50 or so games with out the best pitcher in their organization before calling him up. What was the point??? Do you think tonight was a fluke, or did the Nats make the right decision by waiting to call him up?? If you were running the Nationals, would you have waited 50 games before calling up Strasburg or would you have had him on the Major League roster on Opening Day???

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2 Thoughts to “Why the Wait????”

  1. its all about the $$. By keeping him out of the majors until after June 1 it moved his arbitration back a year and keeping boras from moving him to the yankees off a little bit longer.

  2. True…he pitched 1 heck of a game thought. I haven't heard of a pitcher who hits 100+ having movement on the fastball…that is absurd!! Why does it have to be the Yankees?? LoL

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