3 of a Kind..

Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, and John Wall….the only thing these guys have in common is that they were all coached by John Calapari. I as most others were among the school of thought stating that John Wall is a low budget Derrick Rose and not that good and he was overhyped, I am officially retracting that statement. After watching his summer league debut, like Rose and Evans he showed out! He is a completely different animal than the other 2, he’s kind of the bridge between the other 2. Rose is an uber athletic point guard that CAN score. Evans is a physical freak with a scoring mentality with the ABILITY to run a team. Wall is a very nice blend of both, he makes everyone better like Rose and possesses Evans mentality of scoring. The other thing they all have in common is their ability to get to the basket and they all do it differently. I can’t yet put the articulate what it is that makes Wall special, but when I do you will definitely be the first to know. All I know at this moment is that Calapari has put 3 very good guards in the league, all with seperate identities and shouldn’t be compared with the others. By the way, Wall’s line in his Summer League Debut: 24 points, 8 assists, and 8 turnovers. I can get over the turnovers only because it’s the first game and he isn’t known for an inability to handle the rock, but he sure ran his team like a veteran PG. Of Calapari’s 3 guards, who is going to be the best?? Do you think John Wall will win ROY?? Is Wall a product of too much hype with no substance??

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  1. you know i was fist pumping every time he threw an alley-oop to JaVale. for what its worth, a lot of his 8 turnovers were him trying to force the "amazing" plays. he will learn to limit those.I think you got it right with the hybrid of Rose & Evans. It is still summer league so we will have to wait and see what happens when he is playing against full time NBA'ers. I dont expect him to fail though. too much talent.

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