Beef in Big D??

The Dallas Cowboys were the first team to break camp this year, it took only 2 days for controversy in that recieving corps to begin. Roy E. Williams owner of one of the most useless contracts in professional sports, decided to initiate some early rookie hazing…except he picked the wrong rookie. Dez Bryant aint having none of that nonsense, they younger Bryant said something to the effect of they are there to focus on the team’s one goal..winning a Super Bowl and nothing else. Williams defended himself saying that he did it when he was a rookie with no problems. I think the real issue here is that Bryant doesn’t respect Williams as an elder player, I think Bryant knows that he(Bryant) is better now than Roy E. Williams could ever be and doesn’t see any reason in this GALAXY to carry an INFERIOR player’s pads. Obviously this is not what was said, but this is how I believe it should be taken. What other reason would the “fan-favorite” Bryant go out of his way to refuse such an innocent act??? One word…. RESPECT… the lack there of was the issue at hand. Do you fault Bryant for his refusal?? Is he now showing “Diva” like tendencies or should Roy E. Williams learn that respect works 2 ways?? I think Williams is trying to take advantage of the young kid the only way he can, because we all know it’s not on the field where Williams has the edge…..I’m not a Cowboys fan, but you Cowboys fans out there, I really want to know what you ALL think???

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3 Thoughts to “Beef in Big D??”

  1. Fuck roy williams that useless muthafucka! Dez bryant can do whatever he wants as long as he lives up to half of what the guys who wore that 88 before him. Drew pearson and mike irvin killed it and im sure Dez will too. Roy williams is gunna throw all kinds of shit at the rook cause he knos his spot is being takin by the man. I saw an interview where he said he jus got an 2011 f-250 but he still has his 04 navigator and he says it still runs great so he wont get rid of it. Basically sayin dez is the new f-250 and he is the navi and still is great. Well i hope he fuckin drives his navi onto oncoming traffic and alleviate all the bullshit when hes havin worms eat away at his fuckin worthless carcass. That is all

  2. Always knew I could count on you Blake….SMH

  3. Roy E. Williams is just a big receiver with no ability to bend, he was just a big redzone target for Romo, and even if he steps up this year, the spot is Dez's to take. Dez is faster, more athletic, and point blank already better than Roy was ever, even if he put up some numbers with Mike Martz who can make anyone put up big numbers. Dez is the future of the Cowboys combined with Miles. They will be a dominant receiving duo for the next decade.

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