Big non-Free Agent Signing!!

The “Durantula” aka Kevin Durant has signed a 5 year 86 million dollar extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder. I know this isn’t a free agent signing, but with the CBA(Collective Barganing Agreement) sure to change this was a great move to lock this kid up!! This signing is similar to the reason the Nuggets offered an extension to Carmelo this year instead of next, before the new deal you get more money NOW. Much like the Rudy Gay signing, Durant is going to be in his late 20’s when this contract runs up…yes just his late 20’s!! Like Memphis, OKC realized that their young wing IS their franchise!! Durant definitely deserves the money, I’m honestly suprised it wasn’t more. He only got 6 million more than Rudy and I believe Durant’s 2 years younger, I wonder how Atlanta feels after giving a 29 yr old 119 million?? It definitely looks like they overpaid in comparison with these deals done with these young guys. Are you suprised it was only for 86 million?? Do you think they offered him an extension too early??

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