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This is the time of year most people ignore, the time of the year between the middle of the baseball season and NFL Training Camp. I on the otherhand, love this time of year it’s NBA Summer League!! It’s the rookies first crack at the NBA Game and it’s speed, you can actually learn a lot about player’s games in summer league. Well let me share with you what I learned: Kentucky has sent 4 very good players to the NBA in this year’s draft. John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe and Patrick Patterson have all shown they are going to be impact players in this league. Wall and Bledsoe are some of the fastest, freakish athletic atheletes to enter the league. Wall boasts a 39 inch vertical while standing 6’4, Bledsoe boasts a 40 inch vertical while standing 6’1. They both have extremely large wingspans and are uber quick!! Wall is proving that he is ready to start right now, Bledsoe is learning how to play with the ball in his hands after playing with Wall at Kentucky where he played more off guard. Cousins looks like he is going to be one of the best big men in this league right now!! He has a great feel for the game, knows what he’s doing on the block, and is a very undervalued athlete! Patterson is exactly what he was in college, a workhorse with range. He is a beast on the boards and his new found range will make him a weapon in pick and pop situations. A lot of players ended up being 2nd Round picks this year that shouldn’t have been there and they are showing why they are steals. Lakers 2nd Round picks Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter are overachieving this summer. They are showing why most scouts thought they were First Round talents, both players look like they are going to be able to crack the Lakers rotation right away. The Pacers were in need of a point guard, I say “were” because they unintentionally drafted one in selecting Lance Stephenson. Stephenson is another one of those kids with 1st Round talent burried beneath “percieved” problems off the court. One thing is for sure, Stephenson is an animal!! At 6’5 blessed with great handle and a high basketball IQ he suprised many by running the Pacers Summer League team much better than the other point guards on their roster. He’s about 215-220, like Tyreke Evans he is very hard to stop going to the basket. Paul George the Pacers other draft picks is living up to the hype as well except he’s showing apart of his game the scouts said he didn’t have, he’s attacking the basket. Here’s some more guys who are producing in Summer League: Luke Harangody, JJ Hickson(non-rookie), Dominique Jones, Terrance Williams(non-rookie), Chase Buddinger(non-rookie), Donte Greene(non-rookie), Sam Young(non-rookie), Jordan Crawford, Ty Lawson, Demar DeRozan, and Sonny Weems!!! I implore everyone to check out highlights of this year’s Summer League!! If you do, tell me what you think!!

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  1. All i have to say about this is…Tyreke Evans + DeMarcus Cousins=Kings=FutureIs it just me too or do they remind you of two players that dominated the NBA from 1999-2002, anyone take a guess?

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