Observations from “The Decision”…..

Observations from “The Decision”…..

1. It’s called “Free” Agency, so when someone opts out for it there ACTUALLY is a possibility of them leaving
2. When someone goes off the grid, they probably don’t plan on staying
3. Are there any actual Cav “FANS,” or just a bunch of disgruntled “Witnesses”??
4. He will never be like Mike, accept it and move on!!!
5. If he stayed, do you REALLY think he was going to win…in CLEVELAND?? I can’t remember them winning anything!!
6.If he never liked where he was from, do you think he really CARES what you (Ohio) think?? He wore a Yankee hat to an Indians PLAYOFF game and you thought he didn’t mean it??
7.When you are not in a position to make threats, it is wise NOT to do so!!
8. Dan Gilbert is officially the worse owner in sports, Al Davis and Donald Sterling are actually laughing at you!!

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