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The Cincinati Bengals had one of the league’s worst passing attacks last year, through the draft and offseason moves they might have one of the best. Jermaine Gresham the outstanding TE from Oklahoma and Jordan Shipley who was Colt McCoy’s right hand at Texas will be the youth infused in the passing game. Then they went out and signed Antonio Bryant, he is another outspoken WR with elite talent. Bryant never gets the respect he deserves because of his percieved “attitude.” Since loosing TJ Houshmanzadah, the Bengals haven’t had another respectable WR. Shipley will be the 4th wide out and Gresham should be starting at TE in no time. The addition of Owens allows the Bengals to slide Bryant down into the slot, having someone that fast and physical as the slot reciever is not fair. I dont’ know who’s happier in Cincinatti right now….Carson Palmer, Cedric Benson, or “Robin” aka Ochocinco?? Ochocinco finally gets they type of WR that complements him, Palmer finally gets explosive weapon(s) around him, and Benson might not be seeing 8 or 9 in the box anymore!! Some people are already saying this was a bad move by the Bengals, I really don’t see how because Ochocinco and T.O. have been friends way before this ever happened and Carson Palmer will be respected by T.O. He played the whole season in Buffalo and had every reason in the world to be a malcontent, and he was the nicest and quietest guy in that locker room. Will the Bengals be a contender in the AFC now that the offense has added these weapons?? Will Carson Palmer re-enter the group of “Elite” quarterbacks?? Or will this all backfire in the Bengals face??

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