What Decision??

So the world waited(at least in LeBron’s eyes) for 9 pm Thursday night. An hour long special on a player who has yet to win a title to make a decision during his first bout with Free Agency. Everyone had an oppinion, from dedicated sports fans to the type of people who ask the I thought Shaq was still on the Lakers questions all had reasons for where LeBron was going and why. I have been saying this for a whole year now, I repeat a YEAR!!! I know I am probably not the first person to have claimed this, but unlike most I actually have reasons. To start, does anybody remember last year when Mr. James announced that he had filled out the paperwork to have his number changed to 6 under the whole “respect for MJ” talk. I don’t know how many of you are aware that the number 23 is not available on the Miami Heat. Why you might ask….the Heat retired MJ’s number the same as Chicago did. James knew way back then that his number wasn’t available. Secondly, that draft class of 2003 is remarkably close knit. Whenever they were on the US Teams James,Wade, and Carmelo were inseperable!!The media would like us to believe that they are all seperate stars and are above needing help. That also helps the league out by spreading out it’s young talent, the media has been searching for disparaging things to say about any of the potential parings made by members of this draft class. The reason why….because it WOULD work, it would work WELL at that!! It also came down to the thing LeBron cares about most…WINNING!! Over his career we have learned that LeBron is an extremely SORE looser, I knew it was over for him and Cleveland when he didn’t walk off the court after the loss to the Celtics that sent the Cavs home. He knew there was no point getting mad because he was moving on to a better place. Years prior to that he had stormed off the court and avoided everyone, so why all of a sudden did he gain a new found sense of “maturity”??? He didn’t, he just knew he wasn’t going to go out like that anymore and he needed help! Of all the so called “options”, the only one where he had true help that he can COUNT on and hold people ACCOUNTABLE was Miami!! This decision was made a year ago, I believe none of this newfound nonsense!! What do you think of LeBron’s decision??
Is Miami the right choice???

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