What’s the Pecking Order in Big D???

The Cowboys start camp this Saturday, that marks the begining of the fiercest competition on their team…WIDE RECIEVER. We already know that Miles Austin is penciled in at one of the 2 starting spots, Patrick Crayton is the guy to beat out in the slot and Kevin Ogletree is rapidly moving up the depth chart. The selection of Dez Bryant in this year’s draft has had to be depressing to both Roy Williams and Patrick Crayton. Bryant’s college resume is arguably if not better than both Crayton’s and Williams’s Pro Resumes. I will stand by that statement, Dez Bryant IS what Roy Williams was supposed to BE. Crayton is already going to be fighting the young and explosive Ogletree in the slot. Bryant is the big play reciever the Cowboys haven’t had since T.O’s departure. For all of Miles Austin’s big plays and explosiveness, outside of him being faster than Bryant in a straight line I can’t think of any other part of Austin’s game that is better if not equal to Bryant’s. It’s a good problem to have for Dallas, you now have 2 huge recievers that can stretch the field vertically and shed tackles. Austin( 6’3,214) is an inch taller and about 10 pound lighter than Bryant(6’2, 225), Williams is 6’3 and 215 pounds, Williams doesn’t really stand out in this group. He is not remotley as explosive as his younger counter parts. He can’t even win the physical battle, he’s about the same size as Austin and doesn’t weigh what Bryant does or close to it. All of this impacts Crayton, which ever one of the players mentioned above doesn’t win the 2 starting jobs will be slid down to compete for the #3 spot. If it’s speed that the Cowboy’s offense values over experience than Crayton and Williams might just be nothing more than experiences subsitutes. Crayton also has to worry about Bryant in the return game as well. Bryant was very productive returning both punts and kicks in college. This competition is sure to be fierce, either way Tony Romo is the winner. Romo get’s the best players on the field for him to use. Who do you think will be the Cowboy’s starting Wide outs? Will Roy Williams be able to claim a spot in this offense? Who will become Romo’s go to guy, or will it remain Witten? Which WR will have the best season for Dallas??

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  1. 1. Dez 2. Miles 3. Crayton (Ogletree if he can prove he's improved)

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