Where is T.O going to Land…

Training Camps are almost here, teams are aware of what they have and what they need. That being said, who is going to get over their pride and their personal beliefs and think objectively? There are many teams in the NFL that have gaping…GAPING holes in their Reciving Corps. Which team is going to look at this in a football sense and upgrade their team? 55 catches for 829 yards with 5 Touchdowns and a 15.1 yd per catch average wide out is available…why is everyone afraid to make the first move?? I have said it for year whether you like T.O as a person or not, as a football player the decision is a no-brainer!! Those stats above were accomplished in BUFFALO, do you know how hard that is?? Can you even name their QB last year, and not Trent Edwards I want the name of the guy who finished the season out?? At the end of the day, talent is talent and numbers are numbers…can he help a team…the answer is a resounding YES!! Out of the teams that people have said are in the running for T.O, I am going to say I believe he will land in New England. I know what everybody is probably saying…I LOST MY MIND, but let me explain. Wes Welker is coming back from a gruesome injury. There is no running threat on the roster. Randy Moss needs help, and the other wide outs not named Welker are almost useless. Bringing in T.O would upgrade that roster, whether you like him or not bottom line is he demands attention. The kind of attention from a number 1 corner, not the #2 or the nickel but the #1 corner!! That would open up the field for both Welker and Moss. Moss would be able to do what he likes to do best run deep and on the sideline, with T.O working the space between Moss and Welker that would leave their Tight Ends free to do whatever they please. Lastly that helps counter the most dangerous pairing of corners in the past 5 years, Revis & Cromartie. What better way to give them fits than to give them the challenge of covering not 1, but 2 HOF WR’s??? All I’m saying is that it is an option and a very attractive one? Where do you think T.O will land?? Is he past his prime, what can he offer?? Would he and Moss be able to co-exist??

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  1. He is past his prime, but still better than half the receivers in the league. If he had of stuck with one team, one good quarterback, T.O. might hold all the records. Like if he was with Mcnabb his whole career, Look what they did in the 21 games they had together, they speak volumes. I still don't know where he will land. But if he happened to land in New England, it would put a huge downer on what i thought would be the Dolphins winning the Division. (Don't sleep on Chad Henne, He's going to blow up this year)

  2. UPDATE: Signed with the Bengals.

  3. Yessir!! I'm going to share my thoughts on that soon!! Yeah I'm excited though, probably not as excited as Carson Palmer!!

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