5 Issues I wish would go away FOR-E-VER!!

1. Brett Favre
-I OFFICIALLY no longer care if you play and when you decide to do so, Please stop holding all the rest of the football fans that can see through you and your “special” needs for attention. To the media, please LEAVE him alone…who knows…if you left him alone he might of retired 2-3 years ago!!!

2. LeBron James and the city of Cleveland State of Ohio
– Just because someone was born somewhere doesn’t mean they have to LIKE it!!
-Home grown does not mean Home OWNED!!!!
-GET OVER IT, he’s gone…F-O-R-EVER!!!
-and NO it’s not possible for the Cavs to win a title before the HEAT, please stop listening to your crazy owner

3. Mike Shanahan, Albert Haynesworth, and the Washington Redskins Organization
-Now that he’s passed, was it really worth it??
-Did it make him a better person? Did he walk away from this with some new found sense of pride or respect?? NO!!!
-To Mr. Snyder, please tell the next player who’s house you show up to at 12:01 am for next year’s free agent class the WHOLE story, hopefully you learned that maybe leaving out little things like coaching changes might actually AFFECT a player’s decision??
-STOP giving maxed out contracts where there is no longer an actual INCENTIVE to play!! Giving people all their guaranteed money upfront…probably not a good idea…just think about it…

4. Tiger Woods and the questions about his personal life/ when are you going to win again?
-Understand these words carefully members of the media….NO COMMENT…he is not going to answer your questions about is personal life EVER!!!..Let it go!!!
-Woods is so far ahead of everyone else he could lose for another year and a half before someone gets close enough to care
-If he never one AGAIN, he still finishes as what the 2nd best golfer….EVER….?? What a terrible accomplishment…

5. NCAA vs Players vs Agents
-Just PAY the kids!!
-You(the NCAA) already make soooo much money off of these kids(exploitation), it really wouldn’t hurt to give them a stipend of some sort
-When a team wins a title, the school gets paid and the kids get pictures, rings, and a great big pat on the back??? While the Coaches and schools get PAID!!!
-Please stop allowing agents on campuses and then telling the players to stay away from them!! Obviously you don’t care that deeply about the kids if you allow the “parasites” on campus!!
-How did Tim Floyd and Pete Carrol escape the OJ Mayo and Reggie Bush violations unscathed…am I the only one who noticed that both coaches weren’t held responsible at all???
-College Football just come out and admit you are all too GREEDY to have a playoff system, please stop making up very bad excuses as to why you like the BCS Format!!

If you feel there was something that deserved to be on this list that I left out please feel free to let me know. If you are offended by the issues I have chose(Brett Favre Fans), also let me know!!

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  1. Farve should just say he's too old to go to OTAs and preseason and call it a Day. He's going to play thats why he got surgery on the ankle in the first place. He said it was optional so he got it because he wanted to play. He's just an attention whore.The fact that Bosh thinks he can talk to the media every week because he's finally become a media interest.

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