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Dear Stephen Strasburg, thankyou for making this baseball season worth watching. As a Yankees fan I generally ignore the sport due to the length of the regular season, I ususally don’t start getting into baseball til the pennant races. You are the sole reason that I have been reading baseball articles and looking into up and coming prospects to see if they will fare as great as you did this season. You singlehandedly revived a franchise every day that you were scheduled to start, not too many players can do that in any sport let alone in their ROOKIE season. After hearing of your current state, injuries and the name of the surgery that I shall not name I would like to be the FIRST person to say that you WILL be back to your normal self. To me and before everybody attacks this…I repeat TO ME, Tommy John surgery is the baseball equivalent of microfracture surgery in the NBA. I think you Mr. Strasburg will be Tommy John’s Amare Stoudamire. Alot of players in the NBA have had microfracture surgery and mostly all of them have returned but not with all of the explosiveness they left with. Mr. Stoudamire like you, had this happen at an unusually young age and bounced back better than anyone has expected. So much so that he was allowed to walk away from his team to a new one because his former team pretty much said his knee is bound to fail. Amare like you Mr. Strasburg, is a specimen. One of those few guys that come along with so many physical gifts to help them dominate. I have already seen writers saying that you are going to have to change this and that because your velocity WILL not be there when you recover from that surgery, I am sure you will ignore what EVERYONE has to say and come back even BETTER than you were before your injury. I truly hope that the Nationals don’t do what the Suns did and watch you walk away and blame this injury as the reason why!! You WILL be the one EXCEPTION Mr. Strasburg, and I can’t wait til you get back on that mound!! I wish you a very healthy and speedy recovery!! Do you think Starsburg will ever be the same?? Will he be a shell of his former self?? Have you already written him off and waiting for Bryce Harper??(Natinals Fans)

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