Scottie Pippen’s HOF Induction shows us a glimpse of LeBron’s Future

1st off let me say that I apologize to whoever I may offend before I continue. Congratulations to Scottie Pippen for getting his much awaited moment, prior to this past weekend he was the guy in MJ’s shadow. If you are truly a basketball fan you would not truly believe that Scottie was “just” a role player. Let’s remember..MJ won nothing without Scottie and vice versa. Duing Scottie’s era, he was a match up NIGTMARE!! At 6’7, 6’8 he was basically the Bull’s starting point guard except that he ran it from the small forward spot. Does that remind you of anybody today, someone who is physically superior and could do EVERYTHING on a basketball court. Pippen could take over a game just as much as MJ could, just maybe not on the same level consistency wise or Pippen was just molded to be what he was….one of the greatest “team players” in the NBA. Pip was able to impact the game in the same way MJ was and that was what made the Bulls so hard to beat, Pippen was just as devestatingly effective as MJ just in a different manner. I think people truly underappreciate how talented Pip was, now let’s tie this to LeBron’s Future. They are 2 of a kind, only LeBron got to play by himself first and gain all the meaningless accolades that Pip recieved after MJ retired. By meaningless I mean that the accolades didn’t result in rings. LeBron just joined forces with D Wade and Bosh. Bosh is far more talented than Horace Grant was, and I’m not saying Wade is MJ, but I am saying he’s taking MJ’s role as ALPHA DOG on this team. LeBron is going to do everything in between, he is equally effective as Wade in crucial moments maybe not cut from the same “closer” cloth…neither was Pip. Like Pip, Bron is unguardable and able to impact the game far more in a secondary role than as the soloist. Let me know what you think, this is contraversial and I want to know what you ALL think!!

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4 Thoughts to “Scottie Pippen’s HOF Induction shows us a glimpse of LeBron’s Future”

  1. Jordan Blair likes this, and completely agrees. I dunno if we can call the Heat the "new" Bulls though.

  2. Alright this is what I have to say about LBJ & the Heat.. Yes Lebron, D-Wade & Bosh are great players… I agree with you on the fact that Lebron has a better chance at suceed by playing the Scottie Pippen role but here's the problem I have with them.. It took Jordan & the Bulls some years before the could win the title on a regular basis.. Miami's roster outside of the big 3 is either full of unproven young guys or almost washed up vets.. yeah Miller is a decent role player & will make his points. But their bigs don't match up will with the rest of the bigs in the East.. Their gonna have issues with Boston, Chicago & Orlando!! They'll win alot of regular season games but come playoff time Lebron will find himself in a familiar place.. At home watching some other teams play for the title!! The top 2 teams in the West for me can beat them (Lakers & Oklahoma) & then before they could even get to the west teams Boston, Chicago & Orlando would definitely push them to their limits in a 7game series!! Like I said on facebook I have a strong feeling that Lebron is gonna be the next Charles Barkley/Patrick Ewing/Karl Malone!! Alot of talent & one of the greatest but NO TITLES!!!

  3. Okay let the fun begin! 1st Thank both of you for sharing your MY TURN!! @Jordan I totally agree with you, I don't think there's going to be another version of the Bulls, it's just not possible. What I do think is that this collection of talent will work because everyone has, knows, and embraces their perspective roles. @ Renzo I don't care what sport it is, after the heavy hitters…all that's left on Championship caliber teams is role players. As time goes on those same guys no one respected be come battle tested vets. No one thought back in '92 that the Bulls supporting cast consisted of world beaters!! The exact type of hate was spewed out of analysts and fans mouths back in the day. The Lakers, I don't care what you put around Kobe everyone else knows going in that my job is to do whatever that man(Kobe) needs me to do. My point you accept your role and you play the heck out of it. Proof…Steve Kerr, John Paxon, Scotty Williams, Derek Fisher( and please don't tell me he was a monster or that you even heard of him prior to the championships), Trevor Ariza, Jordan Farmar, Luke Walton, oh yeah…Mr. Big Shot himself Rober Horry. Miami's!!!roster is filled with just as many nobodies so I don't get what everyone is hating against it for. If you seperate those role players from the heavy hitters…NO ONE of them would last on their own. That's the point of team, all the rest of the guys have to do is EMBRACE their role and everything will work just fine. Lastly at the BarkleyEwingMalone, if you think back to all of their teams they had good role players, but not enough stars. Mike always had Scottie and 1 more ace in his pocket, whether that be Horace, Kukoc, or Rodman…MJ always had an extra ringer!! Kobe has Gasol, Artest, and are you ready…BYNUM!!! Phil Jackson is a master at this, you give 2 guys all the glory but you always make sure the ringer is a true BANGER someone you can't live without that he plays mind games with and that player is never loved by the public. They're kind of like Batman…they do a great job but everyone hate's him anyway. I look forward to your responses, thanks again for the support @ Jordan and Renzo!!

  4. Well you're right about that MJ always had Scottie & some other workhorses but they coach is the common factor in all great championship teams.. Not sayin that Spoltra(don't know how to spell dudes name) is a bad coach but Phil gave Jordan & crew direction & discipline!! Pat Riley did the same with Magic & crew! Red Aurebach did it with Boston! Poppavich did it in San Antonio.. You have to have a great mind & know how to make the talent that you have around your stars mesh & do whats need to win.. So its gonna take sometime before I can say that they'll win it.. They'll always have someone competing to beat them! As long as Kobe is around & the Lakers have who they have they'll be a force.. Durant is a beast & is developing a good team around him & they'll be contenders for awhile! The Knicks if they can pull CP3 & Melo their way will be obsticales for them.. Those where the main reasons that people like Barkley, Malone & Ewing never won.. They had to compete again the likes of MJ & The Bulls, Magic & The Lakers, The Rockets, Pistons, Spurs & Celtics. Its gonna be a fun season..

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