Team USA’s Big Scare…

So yesterday the US hung on to beat Brazil 70-68. I was relieved they won, but I sat there and watched the whole game and came away thinking that US is hurting themselves. Coach K, needs to remember that he’s not at Duke and that starting 5 can and SHOULD be tinkered with. The US starting 5 is not a reflection of the best players on the team, leaving Durant and Rose out there with limited fire power is not fair. I love the defensive intensity that Andre Iguadola brings to this team, I’d love it more if he’d bring it from off the bench!! Iggy doesn’t look comfortable out there with the starting 5 offensively, I mean he’s been in the league for more than a few years now and he doesn’t even look for his shot out there. It’s almost like playing 4 on 5 on offense, KD needs help!! Rose is responsible for running the show and he picks and chooses his spots, I also think he kind of holds back because he is often paired with Billups and he defers to him. I think Billlups should come off the bench as well, he should be the leader of that 2nd unit. When the US started to make their run, they had Rose, Gordon, Gay, Durant, and Love out on the floor. I understand that Love is a little small, but knowing HOW to rebound goes a long way. Love is also capable of strecthing the defense with his perimiter shooting. Gordon would be the desingated long range gunner with this unit, and putting Gay out there with Durant gives KD another guy out there who isn’t AFRAID to shoot the ball. The pairing of Gay and Durant would also give teams fits, one of those guys is going to have someone far smaller on them and their added length would negate the height of Love. I don’t want to see any more close games when there shouldn’t be the need for it. I understand Coach K and his whole sacrifice and share message, but that is going to bite us in the end if he doesn’t put more players who WANT to shoot on the floor to give KD and Rose some options!!! Do you think Coach K is putting the best players out on the floor?? Should he change his rotations? Or was Brazil just that good and the US should be happy with their result??

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