That 5 Player Trade doesn’t mean Chris Paul’s Staying

Let’s summarize this: the Pacers get their much needed point guard in Nick Collison(James Posey was part of the deal as well), Troy Murhpy goes to the Nets to play the 4 until Derrick Favors is ready, Trevor Ariza is now a Hornet and Courtney Lee lands in Houston. So now the Hornets got rid of the only player on their roster who could step up and fill in for Paul if he left. Even with the addition of Ariza the Hornets now “boast” a line up that includes young Marcus Thorton, David West, Emaka Okafor and Paul. I don’t know abou you, but that hardly sounds like groundbreaking changes. To me it sounds like Paul has just move the other foot over the threshold of the door and into Free Agency in 2 years. Do you think they(the Hornets) did enough to keep Chris Paul happy?? Who do you think made the best of this deal??

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One Thought to “That 5 Player Trade doesn’t mean Chris Paul’s Staying”

  1. Darren Collison. But yeah the hornets suck.

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