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It hurt so much to share this that I waited a day before starting this. Bob Bradley received a 4 year extension to be the coach of the USA Mens team. Just last week it was reported that the US Soccer Federation was in talks with Jurgen Klinsman, when I had read that I was ELATED!!! Now…just sad!! In 4 more years at the next World Cup, Mr. Bradley will lead a somewhat talented team to another embarrassing loss. I understand that those are strong words after the job he did this past year, I do think that he’s a decent coach. I just don’t think he has any idea how to put a team together. There were so many weapons left at home last year when the US went to the World Cup, I just can’t watch that again knowing that they are not bringing the full arsenal. Youth needs to be injected into that line up, and their is a lot of US youth playing in different leagues around the world getting very valuable experience. It’s time to look past their age and at their skill, they need to be on the field!! I do hope Mr. Bradley has an epiphany and does exactly what I am recommending so that the US will be loaded. If not the USA fans should expect the same kind of inconsistent level of play as in past years. Do you think Bob Bradley did/does a good job?? Would you have preferred Jurgne Klinsman, or was Bradley the right choice? Will the US ever be true contenders under the watch of Bob Bradley??

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