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Preseason is officially over and the real thing is set to start on Thursday, will the Chargers and the Jets be starting their season with the 53 best players?? Probably not, because Vincent Jackson and Darrelle Revis don’t look like they are going to be there without new contracts being in place. The Chargers look like they have accepted that Jackson will not be there by picking up Patrick Crayton from the Dallas Cowboys today for a 7th Round pick. The Chargers front office is at it again, almost every year they are up “that” creek with no paddle in negoatiations with their best players. Replacing LT with Ryan Matthews might have been a move they could have gotten away with, “IF” Jackson was in camp and ready to go. He’s not and I don’t how great a player Mr. Philip Rivers is, the Chargers are not going to replace Jackson’s production and it will show. I don’t know if I may have misread it or not but I thought I saw that Jackson was willing to sit out the first 10 games if he didn’t get paid. Now to the other disgruntled employee in Mr. Revis. I really feel bad for him because he definitely out performed his contract, I KNOW that the Jets didn’t expect this kid to be the best corner in the league when they drafted him. They lucked out and they are doing wrong by not admitting such and paying him!! The reason I feel worse is that unlike the Chargers, the Jets have an insurance policy and it’s a very good one. Maybe some of you may have forgotten that Antonio Cromartie was going to be that guy after his outstanding year in 2007 when he burst on to the scene with 44 tackles, 18 passes defended, and 10 interceptions!! The reason you haven’t heard his name in the past couple seasons was partly due to injury(to which he played through) and the Charger’s defensive scheme, he’s a man to man specialist, not someone you stick in zone coverage and that’s what they did. Secondly, if Rex Ryan could make teams throw at the best corner in the league don’t you think he can do the same thing by forcing teams to throw at Cromartie?? The only part of this that is troubling, is Cromarties issue with his hip. If it flares up or gets worse than they are going to lose leverage(the Jets) with Revis and will be at his mercy. So why not just pay Revis his money and have the BEST corner tandem in the NFL?? Who do yo think is in a worse situation, the Chargers or the Jets?? Who’s worth more to their team, Jackson or Revis??

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