The Experience will Continue….

Several years ago the good people of Atlanta were fortunate enough to witness the Experience live on Sundays. The Experience went away and has now returned…as of today the good people of Philadephia found out that the Experience will now start!! Hide your wife, hide your kids Michael Vick is BACK!!! Vick was supposed to be the insurance for the young and supposedly extremely talented Mr. Kolb, due to Kolb’s lack of awareness in the pocket and his in ability to recognize obvious blitzes he suffered a concussion in the first game of the season. He didn’t recover in time to start Week 2 and now going into Week 3 Vick has been named the Eagles QB. Reid cited many reasons for his decision, none of which that gave Vick his due credit. However, Reid did say that he(Vick) “is playing out of his mind right now.” Reid and the Eagles kicked McNabb out of Philadelphia, declared that Kolb was his heir, and now are saying Vick is their guy. What are they doing?? I personally don’t think that Kolb is a bust, but he’s also not ready to play yet. It’s also wasn’t right to tell him that it was his team, with out telling him that you (the Eagles) view Vick as more than just a “Wild Cat QB!!” Kolb was given a false sense of security, his back up in Vick is no ordinary back up. Kolb went from backing up a Pro Bowler in McNabb to having his job taken from him by one of the former faces of the League!! Instead of working on improving their offensive line as well as making the QB job an open competition, the Eagles have now made a mess of things for young Kolb. They should have been honest from the start, do you think the Eagles manged this situation correctly??
How do you think Vick will do as their starting QB? Who do you think is better, Vick or Kolb??

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