Why Floyd??

Dear Mr. Mayweather,

Just want to start off by saying I’m on of the biggest Floyd Mayweather Jr. fans in the world……HOWEVER….I heard about his little rant that was posted on the internet, and than I watched it. I understand if that’s how you feel and expressing yourself, but keep that between you and your boys. Most of the world doesn’t like you and you’re not helping the cause, you are one of the few “boxers” left in the sport. You should take a lesson from Michael Vick, they’re not your boys if they are unable to use the words: no, don’t do that, why WOULD you do that, that’s a BAD idea!! You are now THE sole villan in a sport of sheer deceit, of all the things you have ever done up to this point….this WAS the worst by far and may now define your legacy or what was left of it. Instead of maybe going down as one of the best “boxers” not fighters, but boxers & due to this video it is all GONE!! I will still be an admirer of your God Given Gift, but I will no longer defend you the person and what you stand for after this. I do hope that you and Manny fight and I’m sure that you will win, but my heart will be heavy because even though I respect those that speak their minds, I can’t respect those that don’t know the TIME when and when not to. You are allowed to belive anything you want to belive, just don’t post it on the internet!! You’re a bright guy, but this is when one of the members of your entourage should have stopped you.

Did you see the video, and what did you think of it? Now that this has happened do you think this stunt will actually HELP this fight get done?? What do you think of Mayweather the boxer, not the person but the boxer??

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