Complete Game Shutout or No Hitter???

So which was more impressive, the No-No that Holladay threw or Mr. Lincecum striking out 14 while going 9 innings?? I witnessed both games this week and I am in favor of Lincecum, let me explain. Holladay had 4 runs of support while Lincecum only had 1. He singlehandedly won the game other than the 1 run his team put up, and he didn’t just win he dominated. Most of the strikeout pitches were really balls. Lincecum had all of the Braves batters fooled so bad they were willing to chase ANYTHING in hopes of making contact. The most impressive part to me was that he finished the game with a strikeout, and it was a 92 mph pitch!! How was he capable of having that much left in his tank for the last batter of the game?? So you tell me, which one was more impressive??

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