Curious Cut??

It is Week 5 in the NFL, why is Devin Thomas a former 2nd Round pick a free agent?? Thomas was released/cut earlier this week and there was nothing released in terms of an excuse. Did he do something wrong, he never really cracked the starting line up to even be labeled a bust. So why did the Redskins release a player so young, I think this will come back to haunt them. Many of you may not like Devin Thomas, but I don’t believe in giving up on young players. You(Redskins) knew when you drafted him that he was unpolished, young, and a project. I understand Malcom Kelly not being there due to his high attendance on the Injury list, but Mr. Thomas was mostly healthy while he was here. He even produced when he got an “opportunity” to play, so I am really clueless as to why he was let go. At 6’2, 215 pounds Thomas will become a productive receiver in this league in my opinion. I just believe that the Redskins didn’t want to take the time to educate the young man, maybe I’m wrong who knows? Tell me if you think I’m off my rocker and his being released doesn’t matter. Or do you agree and think they acted prematurely in this case by lettering a player so young go so early??

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  1. Do i think they skins screwed up in not playing him, YES and did they ultimately screw up in cutting him, yes probably. But Shanahan finally answered the question on DT. It came down to his approach to being a professional off the field. There are reports that he didnt practice hard enough and study like he should. there is even story that he even was caught asleep in meetings. You can only tell someone "hey you need to do this and that to get on the field" If they dont respond you have to cut ties i guess. I'm sure it is kind of hard for shanahan to play someone like DT when he isnt doing the things asked of him when guys like Galloway, Armstrong etc etc are doing it. Sure the skins will probably regret letting him go but I'm guessing they felt he needed the wake-up call to get him to focus on his job and not making music videos.

  2. That's true jack, if he's not taking it seriously than kudos to Shanahan for making the decision. Maybe this will help him in the long run. Thanks Jack!

  3. He also runs a 4.3….upside anyone? He wasn't doing anything for the redskins though so they didn't really make a bad move…

  4. Thats what i'm saying at Jordan, but that was before some of the things Jack shed light on. You can have all the upside in the world but if YOU don't make the decision to make upside a reality than thats on you.

  5. Of course a 15 year veteran of the NFL is going to have better practice habits than a young kid who spent most of his college career in JUCO. Talent wins out on gameday. Should have played the kid.Steve

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