No Hitter!!

I am still shocked that Roy Holladay started the 2010 MLB Playoffs off with a No-No, actually utter disbelief would be more accurate!! Cliff Lee dominated the Rays and Mariano came through again for the Yankees in an exciting 1st night of the Playoffs! The two players I felt the most sorry for last night were David Price and Francisco Liriano, they both pitched good games against good teams with good bats. When your team’s bats don’t show up it just puts even more pressure on the pitcher, Price and Liriano deserved better last night. Both of their teams should be ashamed of themselves for putting their Aces out there to die without run support. The only series that didn’t start last night was the Giants and Braves, I look forward to seeing how Tim Lincecum is going to perform and how rookie phenoms Buster Posey and Jason Heyward respond to the pressure of the playoffs!!! After last night’s game, how do you feel about your teams chances??

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