World Series Preview..

So it’s official, we now know which 2 teams will be representing the AL and the NL in the World Series!! Question is, did you expect these 2?? Maybe the Rangers, but the Giants…seriously who amongst you all picked the Giants as an actual option when thinking about the World Series?? We all figured whoever won the Rangers-Yankees series was going to be facing the Phillies…right?? Thanks to Ryan Howard leaving his bat in it’s holster on Saturday night on the decisive pitch of a full count the Giants are in the Fall Classic!! Imagine Game 1’s pitching matchup….CLIFF LEE vs TIM LINCECUM!!! This is going to be a very competitive series because of the depth of arms on both rosters, both teams have good rotations with each having a truly special player (both mentioned above)!! The Rangers offense is explosive, but the Giants offense still manages to come through when needed. So who’s it going to be, the Yankee killer aka Cliff Lee or Freaky Tim Jim(see Sportscenter Commercial) aka Tim Lincecum?? Rangers or Giants?? It starts this Wednesday at 7:57 pm….

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