Has the Fat Lady started warming up??

The Giants are now up in the World Series 3 games to 1, last night young, and I mean young Madison Bumgardener showed the Rangers that the Giants might have 2 aces on their staff. Bumgardener threw 8 shut out innings to give the Giants a 4-0 win on Halloween, the 21 year old is the Giants 4th pitcher in their rotation….the 4th!!! I learned about Bumgardener maybe a year or so ago, reading mostly that he had the tools to be special later on. Emphasis on LATER, well he’s here now and he’s a problem!! What makes matters worse for the Rangers, guess who they will see tonight from the Giants staff?? Tim Lincecum…..this is a must win for the Rangers and the Giants have the luxury of trotting out their ace. Will the Rangers extend this series past tonight, or will the Giants close the door and make history??

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