Return of the “Slouch” Revis vs T.O. part 2

So the Jets play the Bengals tommorrow night, as many of you know a Mr. Darelle Revis referred to a certain Mr. Randy Moss and Mr. Terrell Owens as “Slouches.” Revis was pegged as the best DB in the NFL after last year’s season, now that he’s gotten a chance to get healthy much of it due to his bad hammy and lack of conditioning after the hold out Revis has returned to his normal level of play. Just recently Revis has handcuffed both Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson, Revis held T.O. to 6 receptions for 44 yards in 2 games agains the Bills last year. I don’t want to leave this out, Revis was flagged for 4 pass interfrence calls against Owens, so maybe Owens does have a point. Well T.O. says this isn’t last year and has gone on record calling Revis an “average” corner when asked who were the toughest DB’s he’s faced during the course of his career. It’s a new year indeed as T.O. has returned to his former level of play this year with the Bengals, for the season has 62 catches for 897 yards and 8 TD’s. Last year with the Bills Owens could only muster 55 catches for 829 yards and 5 TD’s, T.O. is ready for his rematch with Revis. Will T.O.’s return to “Revis Island” be a successful one, or will he fall to the same fate as Andre and Calvin Johnson?? Is Revis the best DB in the league?

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