Sunken Ship…

The Vikings fired Brad Childress yesterday, I think that is something that should have been done 2 years ago. I’ve never thought of him to be a decent coach ever, I didn’t like him in Philly and I think this firing came way to late. Childress cost the Vikes a 3rd round pick, that 3rd round pick might become more and more valuable now that their record is where it is. Childress is one of those people or coaches rather, that don’t take criticism or other people’s ideas well. Favre has criticized his offensive philosophy many times, Moss was ousted because he had thoughts on the philosophy as well. If Moss doesn’t believe in what you’re preaching he’s not going to behave. Childress believes his way IS the way, and any other suggestion is terribly wrong and off base. If you owned the Vikings and you knew that Favre and Childress hated each other’s guts, why bring Favre back if you still had Childress?? I am by no means a Brett Favre fan, supporter, or advocate. You had to have seen this coming, they’ve taken shots at each other through the media more than a couple times now. This ship was bound to go down, it must stink as the owner knowing that not only have you lost a 3rd round pick but Favre might be done as well!! Thank you Brad Childress, for single handedly “coaching” an extremely talented team into the ground!! Do you feel that the Vikings made the right move?? Did it come way too late?? Who will the Vikings have as head coach next season??

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