Trouble in D.C???

I know I usually wait until Tuesday to do my NFL recaps, and I still will have one coming tomorrow but this can’t wait. What in the world is going on in Washington?? They were down just 1 score to the Lions, and they took McNabb out for Rex Grossman?? Let me repeat this….REX GROSSMAN???????? Their have been alot of questionable coaching calls this season for every team, but this might have been the worse!! McNabb might not resign after this, and that leaves the Skins with no QB!! Say McNabb leaves and the Skins aren’t able to get a decent QB in the draft?? What does this do to your team, what kind of message was sent through the rest of that locker room yesterday when that decision was made?? It’s not like Donavan is a young player, he is a veteran and that’s how Shannahan treated him?? Will this hamper the Redskins bid in Free Agency in the future, no matter how you spin this it’s definitely a NEGATIVE!! What do you think of Coach Shannahan’s decision yesterday??

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