What’s wrong with the Heat??

The Miami Heat are currently in 2nd place in their division with an 8-6 record, they are exactly 1.5 games back of the division leading Orlando Magic. Many people are already poking fun at the Heat and calling this experiment a failure after 14 games, the Heat also have a point differential of +7.9 which is tops in the Eastern Conference and 3rd best in the NBA. So even with all of their “issues” the Heat are doing pretty good. I think most expected the “Big 3” to have instant chemistry, that is not the case because of the different type of skill sets they bring to the table. In Wade you have a “combo” guard that has the athleticism of an NBA small forward, LeBron has the body of a power forward with the court vision of a PG, and maybe the hardest to intergrate will be Bosh because he is a classic “stretch 4. Wade and James have very similar skill sets from the way they look at the floor, to the way they attack the basket, and that’s what makes it hard to utilize Bosh. Bosh can operate out of the post, but he is best at the elbow where he can face up his man and choose how to attack him. LeBron is getting used to his new position which is essentially PG, but that won’t be comfortable for him until Mike Miller gets back. Can you compare this “Big 3” to Bostons? Honestly NO, Boston’s “Big 3” is more of a conventional one. Ray is the shooter, Paul is the slasher, and KG is always paired with a conventional big which allows him to roam the perimiter for the pick-and-pop. The other difference between the two groups is the age of when they were put together, in Miami’s case they are all about to enter their primes and aren’t exactly sure as to what roles they have. In Boston’s case, it was put together closer to the end of their careers so they knew and accepted their roles going into it. Mark my words, when Miami figures it out they will be the toughest out in the playoffs. It’s just a matter of time if you ask me. Are the Heat going to be a contender this year, or is this year already out of the question for them in terms of competing for a championship? Will Miami get it together before the end of the season? What do YOU think the problem with Miami is??

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