Your Pick: Crosby, Ovechkin, or…..Stamkos??

This is the first time this question might have a different option, usually the fight is over who likes Crosby or Ovie better. I will take pride in playing devil’s advocate here because this year’s Point Leader in the NHL is neither Crosby or Ovechkin. This year’s leading goal scorer isn’t either of the two phenoms who everyone either loves or hates. At this point in the season, as has been the case since the start of the season the player who is at the top of the Points and Goals board is Steven Stamkos. Stamkos is a 3rd year player for the Tampa Bay Lightning, at only 20 years old he is quickly becoming one of the NHL’s best players. Stamkos leads the NHL in points with 35, he is the league’s leading goal scorer with 20. I’m not sure how many people have heard of this young man prior to this year, but is definitely on his way to being a house hold name. In his rookie year Stamkos had 23 goals and 23 assists, in 79 games he tallied 46 points. He improved in all areas by his sophomore campaign as his goal tally grew to 51, he also had 44 assists and finished the season with 95 points. In the 21 games played this year Stamkos has 20 goals and 15 assists, that has translated to 35 points. This is already his total after JUST 21 games, imagine what he’s going to finish the year with!! Just for the record I am an Ovechkin fan, yet I believe this kid’s play demands for his name to be thrown into the conversation. I don’t like him better than Ovie or Crosby yet, but I definitely think he’s more than on his way. Is Stamkos as good as his numbers or is he just getting lucky?? Does Stamkos deserve to be mentioned in the company of Crosby or Ovechkin, or is it premature to suggest it??

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