Kobe or LeBron

This has been the question for the last couple of seasons, I will tackle this quandary in this post. Kobe is on the verge of his 6th ring while LeBron is trying to get his first. LeBron has already won a couple of MVP trophies and has continued to tantalize us with his breathtaking forays to the basket. Kobe is known as the game’s premier “Closer,” there isn’t a shot he won’t take that he hasn’t made before. Kobe is a technician in the art of getting your shot off, no matter the place on the court or the number of defenders he WILL get his shot off. Kevin Durant led the league in scoring last year and people have tried to throw his name into this discussion, Durant is however easily dismissed from this conversation because of his youth. As much as I would like to answer this question I have to stay honest to myself, my choice is Dwayne Wade. D-Wade is ALWAYS omitted when this question is presented, I really don’t understand how! Why is LeBron aloud to be in this conversation when he hasn’t won A championship yet? LeBron does have 2 MVP’s though, but Wade has one NBA FINALS MVP!! Doesn’t that make him as eligible or even a better candidate than LeBron when compared to Kobe? I respect all 3 of these players, but my personal choice remains Dwayne Wade. Wade is virtually unguardable, he is one of the only people in the league TODAY whose focus intensifies when he’s upset. I know a few of you are going to be upset with me, but when Kobe or LeBron gets upset it kind of takes them out of their game. I’m not talking about agitated, I’m talking about MAD or PISSED. Wade has a Jordan-esque way of taking his anger out on his opponent instead of just being angry. When Wade is in this zone, he is UNSTOPPABLE!! Now by no way am I saying that Kobe or LeBron don’t have moments when they get hot or get into a zone, all I am saying is that they can’t play MAD. If I were to go into all of my reasons for selecting him it would take quite a while, but I would like to ask you why Wade’s name is always omitted??

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