The “Debacle”…..

I cannot believe how much hype was placed on the Cleveland-Miami game last night, for the past 72 hours all that was on any site or sports channel was more talk about the “Return.” Seriously??? We’ve made it through the “Decision,” now we’ve made it through the “Return”, and I am declaring the debacle that was last night’s game the “Blowout!” I enjoyed every minute of last night’s game, I have been enjoying this Cleveland-LeBron beef since free agency started. Everyone knew it was going to happen, who really thought he was going to stay in Cleveland?? Mr. James proved his point last night, his new teammates provided the kind of support that wasn’t possible by his former teammates. What player wearing a Cavaliers uniform in the past 7 years was going to give LeBron 22 points, 9 rebounds, and 9 assists in 3 quarters of work as support to the cause?? He never had that kind of teammate, I’m not a LeBron fan nor do I have anything against the guy, but if you were him wouldn’t you run out of Cleveland to go play with Dwayne Wade? Think about this for a moment, in last night’s game the double teams were being run at Wade!! LeBron didn’t get the double teams sent his way until Wade and Bosh were on the bench!! Speaking of Bosh, he isn’t exactly Anderson Varajeao!! You can actually give Bosh the ball and let him work, that wasn’t truly an option for LeBron during the 7 years in Cleveland. What post presence did they have, honestly the best one was Big Z and he left with LeBron!! The people of Cleveland should be ashamed of themselves, if you were really fans than yesterday shouldn’t have been the only game that actually looked like it sold out!! Why wait to fill the building only 2 times a season, that’s as many times as LeBron is going to be in the Q a year. For everything the kid gave you for 7 years, would it have been too much to at least not boo during the introductions?? How about even giving him some love or an ovation during the introductions for the good times that were shared with each other?? I had no problem with booing him after tip off, he’s on the opposite team. I hope that what happened to the Cavs last night gave them some closure, or at least helped them to realize that there should be closure because LeBron isn’t looking at the past. His new “family” supported him in throttling his former ‘family” to the tune of 118-90, LeBron didn’t miss out on anything he just shouldn’t have declared his leaving in that terrible way ( the “Decision”). What did you all think about last night’s game?? Is LeBron better off in Miami, or do you still think he could have won a chip in Cleveland had he stayed??

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