This is Punishment??

So 5 Ohio St. players got suspended for 5 games NEXT year, they are allowed to play in this year’s Sugar Bowl though. They “broke” the rules, but where’s the real punishment? I believe all 5 players are draft eligible, so if you were them would come back to serve the suspension or go to the NFL and get PAID?? College Football is a JOKE, it’s like the NCAA wants to say they care about rules with the only exception being when money is involved. So they can make sure that both schools and the NCAA makes money from the Sugar Bowl the kids are allowed to play? If you KNOW they are draft eligible why give the players an out, the other option is only getting a chance to get PAID for what you do!! Secondly how can the NCAA decide what a player can do with what they win, last time I checked isn’t it the player’s property?? So if I understand this correctly a player cannot sell HIS own property, but the player’s SCHOOL can?? Am I the only one that’s lost here?? The NCAA should be ashamed of itself and once again it proves why there will NEVER be a playoff in college football, the rich want to keep getting RICHER!! Why wasn’t the school punished in any way, not in this case or at Georgia when AJ Green allegedly sold his jersey?? Yet the school is allowed to AUCTION off any player’s property, maybe it’s just me but it almost seems as if the NCAA and the Schools OWN the players??

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