NFC Championship Preview

The Bears host the Green Bay Packers in tomorrow’s NFC Championship game, the Bears bullied the Seahawks last week and the Packers punished the Falcons. What makes this match-up so great is that it’s a DIVISION GAME, that means there won’t be any surprises because both teams truly KNOW each other. The interesting match-up between these 2 teams will be… Read More

AFC Championship Preview

The Steelers host the Jets in tomorrow’s AFC Championship game, it looks to be another hard hitting matchup. Last week the Steelers rallied back to beat the Ravens in an all out battle, Big Ben continued his trend of coming up big in the playoffs. On the other side the Jets beat the Patriots in a chess match last week.… Read More


So the New Jersey Nets decided it was time to pull the plug on the acquiring of a Mr. Carmelo Anthony, this can play out many different ways. The Nets have looked rather desperate the longer this courtship has gone on, I truly don’t believe that the Nets have a backup option. The other thing that led to these negotiations… Read More