2010 Slam Dunk Contest

The 2010 NBA All Star Dunk Contest participants has been leaked, it is going to be officially announced tomorrow. Since we already know who’s in it, thanks to the leak and the participants twitter accounts lets discuss the possible outcome. We have “Air Congo” aka Serge Ilbaka, Brandon Jennings, JaVale McGee, and Blake Griifin. We don’t have a definitive nickname that everyone agrees on for Mr. Griffin, but the most popular as of now is the “Poster Child.” I don’t think that’s good enough, maybe “Mr. Top 10”, but either way by the end of the competition we should have a name for that guy. What’s interesting about this year’s field is the size of the contestants, Brandon Jennings is the only one sub-6’10!! Jennings at 6 foot exactly does have bounce, we haven’t had a chance to see him sky in the NBA but trust the kid can get up. Ilbaka and Griffin are both 6’10, while McGee stands at 7 feet tall. Even with the overall size of the field, these guys do have bounce. Ilbaka gets up, he’s the guy on the Thunder who looks like a human pogo stick. McGee is beyond athletic, he is fast enough to run the court WITH John Wall, that’s crazy when you think about it! Griffin, well we’ve all got the chance to see what kind of damage this kid can cause. I’m going to take Griffin coming in first, with Jennings finishing second, follwed by Mcgee and Ilbalka. The only reason I think it’s going to be in this order is because as we’ve seen in the past, dunk contest dunkers are different from game dunkers( my example being Shannon Brown as of late). What do you think of this year’s Slam Dunk field, and who do you think is going to win?

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