ACC Bias in Polls?

Every year that goes by in College Basketball the ACC as a whole gets weaker and weaker, can someone please explain to me how such a conference gets so much love in the polls. Duke was the number 1 team in the country last week when they lost to an UNRANKED Florida State team, for most teams a loss of that magnitude would be crushing. For Duke, it only meant sliding down 4 spots to 5th in the nation. Does anyone remember how at the start of the season North Carolina was ranked in the top 10? It’s not their fault, but they were ranked their none the less. UNC lost 3 times before they dropped out of the top 10!! How does that work, Uconn lost to Pitt a couple weeks back and fell from 5th to 10th, Pitt was already a top 10 team in the country!! Just this weekend Pitt beat Syracuse, Pitt and Syracuse were both in the top 5. I can’t wait until Monday when the new polls come up to see just how FAR Syracuse dropped for loosing to a TOP 5 team in the country! I respect Duke and UNC, just don’t tell me that conference they play in is as tough top to bottom as the Big 10, Big 12, and don’t even get me started as to where the ACC stands in comparison to the Big East!! I don’t want to say it’s a biased system, but can you explain to me how else this happens?? Every year the ACC hardly plays outside it’s conference, so that has to hurt their strength of schedule yet they are always getting great seeding in the NCAA tournament. I thought that the strength of schedule was a variable when it came down to seeding, yet for some teams it means nothing. I don’t have anything against the ACC, I just have something against the people who place ACC teams in the polls where they don’t belong. A loss is a loss and I get that, but how is loosing against FSU better than loosing against Pitt?? If any of you have a logical explination for this, I’m all ears…

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