Defining Mediocrity

I have long had an issue with this player, it may not really be with him and with those who defend him. Or maybe it’s with those who refuse to point out his flaws, or still claim that he has “upside.” I am speaking of a Mr. Carson Palmer, I believe that he is given a free pass EVERY year. We all feel bad for what happened when that Pittsburgh player hit you in your knee a few years ago, I just don’t believer you are or ever will be an ELITE QB. There is nothing wrong with having an 86.9 QB rating, it’s actually fairly decent. It just irks my soul(yes my soul), when I hear people say he’s an elite QB!! Palmer is average, maybe slightly above average and nothing better. Of his 7 seasons, he’s had 2 with QB ratings above a 90!! For example, this year Palmer threw 26 TDs and 20 INTs. 20 INTs??? This year in terms of QB Rating, that leaves him 19th slightly above Kerry Collins and Alex Smith. When I say slightly I’m saying 2 to 3 TENTHS of a point better than those 2, just TENTHS!! Tom Brady has a career avg QB rating of 95.2(111.0 this year), Peyton Manning career avg of 94.9( 91.9 this year), Ben Rothlisberger career avg is 92.5(this year 97.0), and Drew Brees career avg is 91.7(this year 90.9). I can go further, but I will stop there and I’m not saying he’s far off. I’m simply saying he’s not there and will not GET there. Palmer is what he is, a fairly decent QB. Just don’t try to tell me he’s an ELITE QB, fair? What do you think of Carson Palmer in terms of him being Elite?? Please share your thoughts!!

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