So the New Jersey Nets decided it was time to pull the plug on the acquiring of a Mr. Carmelo Anthony, this can play out many different ways. The Nets have looked rather desperate the longer this courtship has gone on, I truly don’t believe that the Nets have a backup option. The other thing that led to these negotiations falling apart was the Denver Nuggets, I think they are very scared of loosing Melo for nothing or not getting enough for him. The problem is that Melo hasn’t signed that extension, so whoever he’s traded to isn’t guaranteed his services for more than the remainder of this season. I believe I was on Dime’s website the other day and they had proposed a pretty good solution to this problem. They proposed the Nuggets sent Melo to the 76ers for Andre Igudala and Thaddeus Young, the reason being that is as bout as good it will get in terms of sure fire talent. It’s true, most teams can only offer guys in the last years of their deals and high draft picks. When it comes down to it, the Nuggets are loosing a 4-time NBA All Star!! There isn’t really going to be a fair exchange, unless everyone of those draft picks pan out to be All Star caliber players. The way I see it, the Nuggets are either going to get hustled or loose him to Free Agency. Thanks to the extension not being signed and the current state of the CBA, Melo has ALL of the power in this situation. Some one’s going to get the short end of the deal, no matter what happens it wont be Melo as long as that extension isn’t signed.What do you guys think will happen to Melo??

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