Why this Year’s NBA Draft isn’t “Weak”

I know it’s only mid-season in the NBA, Conference play isn’t even over yet in the NCAA, but analysts have already come out and said that this year’s NBA Draft class will be “WEAK.” I beg to differ, I think this class as a whole will be better than last year’s draft because of the depth. As of the last 5 years or so, the NBA draft has been stocked with young unproven talent. This year’s draft class IS or could be depending on how many 1 and done cases DO come out because of the pending “NBA Lock Out.” For example just look at the National Player of the Year race right now, 2 players that few expected outside of their own fan bases are leading the nation. Jimmer Fredette and Kemba Walker are arguably the 2 best players in the country and neither of them are freshman or sophmores. Jimmer is a Senior and Kemba is a Junior, this might be a throw back draft where some of these older players do get taken higher than the younger guys with “upside.” You also have Brad Wanamaker and Gilbert Brown from Pitt who are big time players who should be able to step on an NBA team and join the rotation right away. Even some of this year’s freshmen look ready to contribute RIGHT NOW, Jared Sullinger and Kyrie Irving(before the injury) have shown us that their games are ready for the next level. Chris Singleton, Nolan Smith, and Kyle Singler are just a few other guys who have been in school at least 3 years and will be able to compete for a spot in a rotation immediately. Then you have the guys people don’t really know about that have NBA ready games, Alec Burcs(Colorado) & Kawhi Leanord(SDSU) are names NOBODY heard of prior to the start of the season. All of this has happened and going into the year we had the best players in the country being Brandon Knight, Terrance Jones, Perry Jones!! By no means is this an indictment on these young players, it just means WE (the world) didn’t expect much out of the rest of the country in this year’s College Basketball Season. This year’s draft WILL be extremely deep, just remember where you heard it!!

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