Melo-Drama’s Over

Just a few days ago I had told you that even thought the Nuggets and Nets had a preliminary agreement in place, that all of the power belonged to Carmelo Anthony. Well last night around 10:30 pm Eastern Time the Denver Post reported that Anthony had been traded to the Knicks, I was on twitter at the time and was waiting for a bigger Media outlet to confirm it, it didn’t get confirmed until well after 11 pm. Anthony and Billups were the headliners in the multi-player deal for the Nuggets, the Knicks gave up Gallinari, Chandler, Felton, Mozgov and draft picks. The Knicks also traded Randoph and Curry to the Timberwolves for Brewer. Last night a lot of people were saying that the Knicks gave up too much. are you serious you gave up a bunch of players who haven’t really carved their niche out in this league for arguably one of the NBA’s best scorers!! Carmelo Anthony might not be the complete players that Kobe, Wade, or Lebon are but he is very good at something that matters in the League….PUTTING THE BALL IN THE BASKET!! What impressed me about this trade is that the Knicks were able to hold on to Landry Fields, as a Knicks fan that is the only player I didn’t want to part with. The Knicks now have 2 big time scorers on their team in Amare and Carmelo, they were able to land a very good floor leader in Billups and someone who’s just fine doing the little things in Corey Brewer. I don’t expect much this year, maybe making the playoffs. If they do end up in the playoffs they will be one of the toughest outs as a lower seed in the Eastern Conference. There’s not many great small fowards in the East outside of LeBron and Paul Pierce, Carmelo is going to do what he wants on a nightly basis. The question is whether or not D’Antoni can get this team to play defense, if he can’t hopefully Chauncey Billups can. I was reading today that the Clippers are offerring a 1st Round pick to the Nuggets to acquire Gallinari. I’d also like to note that Wilson Chandler is an unrestricted Free Agent when this season is over, so there is a possibility he doesn’t return to Denver although we’ll find out shortly because he and Gallinari play the same position. So who do you think made out better, the Knicks or Nuggets??

Now that the trade is complete, big game Sunday night: Knicks-Heat at 8pm!!

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