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I apologize for the last week, been a little busy and I’m ready to get back on track!! Crazy things are going on in the NFL right now, Franchise Tags are getting thrown around everywhere. Mike Vick and Peyton Manning are the only two players to have recieved the “exclusive” tag, that’s where the 1st and 3rd round picks to acquire the player that’s tagged don’t apply. The Steelers are expected to tag Lamarr Woodley if they haven’t already, the Chargers tagged WR Vincent Jackson, and the Ravens have tagged Haloti Ngatta. The Chiefs tagged OLB Tamba Hali, of all the Jets players that are free agents they only tagged MLB David Harris, and today the Colts just released Bob Sanders! The Collective Bargaining Agreement expires March 4th at 12:01 am, the talks between the players and owners haven’t really gone well. Just yesterday both sides agreed to have a mediator in place for their meetings to come to try and help this get resolved quicker. Many people are saying that it doesn’t look good right now, I just don’t think the NFL is going to risk loosing money as well as diminishing their brand. It’s not worth it, the NFL Combine is next week and I will be all over that. When the Combine is complete, I will start working on my Mock Draft so keep your eyes open for that!!

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