Miami’s Troubles…

So the Miami Heat have lost 5 games in a row, with a match up with the defending Champion Los Angeles Lakers waiting for them on Thursday. In the past week or so they have lost games in every way imaginable, still only a few things come mind. Their lack of defensive intensity for a full 48 minutes, their issues with their bench, and TRUST. The Miami Heat are one of the best defensive teams in the league, WHEN they’re disciplined and follow their assignments. One of the things that get the Heat in trouble is the lapses they have, they will focus on D long enough to build a 20 point lead and then watch carelessly as it goes away. I really don’t care what they do offensively because they at least focus on that end of the floor, it’s the defensive side of the ball that irks me. The bench issue is a HUGE problem as well, most teams build leads and then put their subs in to protect the lead or at least trade baskets to keep it even if they can’t build on it. Well Miami does neither, they wilt and force their starters back into the game. The Heat never enter the stretch of a close game with fresh legs, the reason because their bench cannot be TRUSTED to do their jobs!! Obviously they’re bench isn’t the strength of their teams, but good teams have good benches as was the case when the Spurs took the Heat to the woodshed. The Spurs starters rested as their reserves continued the onslaught, some say the issue with Miami’s bench is talent when I think it comes back to TRUST. Their bench hardly knows each other because they’re hardly on the floor together without one of the big 3!! Spoelstra needs to trust his bench and his rotations, rest the big 3 TOGETHER some times and maybe the bench can develop some chemistry. I don’t want to point out names, but defensively one of the things that bothers me the most is the hard-hedge when it isn’t needed!! Hold your perimeter players accountable, every time Bosh hedges Bron leaves to help and Bron’s man is left wide open. Any team that runs a pick and roll on Miami ends up with a wide open 3 by a player who had nothing to do with the pick and roll. It’s sad, I’m not going to back off of my statement of Miami as my pick to represent the East this year yet they need to do something. I truly think they won’t be back until Haslem gets back, he’s a huge part of their team let alone their bench. His absence still doesn’t excuse what kind of ball the Heat have been playing, they need to get it together because anyone and everyone is walking into THEIR arena and beating them right now!! What do you think is wrong with the Heat??

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