Bigger Than The School??

NCAA Division 1 Mens Football is an extremely interesting entity, there are countless issues that come to mind when that topic is brought up. The issue today is self explanatory after reading the title of this blog entry, can a coach be bigger than the Univiersity it’s employed at?? NCAA Rules are very strict and are taken to the letter… Read More

How bout those Grizzlies??

The Memphis Grizzles aren’t even at full strength, yet they’re up 3-1 over the Spurs in the First Round of the NBA Playoffs!! Memphis best move this season was aquiring Shane Battier when they found out Rudy Gay was out for the year. Battier is the piece that has allowed the Grizzlies to continue to function without their best player.… Read More

Caps Complete Crazy Comeback

I wasn’t going to write about any 1st round action until it was completed so I could do a First Round Recap, but one of my followers who doesn’t have any problem contacting me urged me to do otherwise. Josh, here is your write up of last night!! The Washington Capitals showed us something last night, they showed us that… Read More